Executive Board


OFFICE(S) HELD: 1st Vice President (2017-present), Director of Fundraising (2015-2016), Director of Marketing (2013-2014)

COMMITTEE INVOLVEMENT: Fundraising Event Chair (2014), Fundraising Beverage Chair (2013)

As a NACE New Orleans board member for over five years, I am running for presidency to give back to the community and complete my duties to the chapter.  I have loved every minute of being a board member and have learned so much. I want to be able to give back to all of its members in the best way possibility to benefit each member personally and professionally.  I am honored to run for this role and lead this chapter to the Chapter of the Year for our National organization.

Community strength of bringing together towards a common purpose or goal.  Networking with new and existing members to make them feel comfortable and valued as a member.  Connecting members to benefit their careers and company.

Area for improvement: Time management.  Prioritizing and planning ahead of time to make sure everything for the chapter is handled promptly.  Using a separate calendar for NACE meeting, deadlines, etc.

I feel that the three most important areas to address during my NACE tenure are to

  1. Increase attendance

  2. Recognize members with awards (local and national)

  3. Engagement members

My vision for NACE New Orleans is to continue what has been improved on in the last two years and to bring a new inclusion for our members in event and committee areas.  To increase participation for the National NACE Conference by encouraging our members to submit awards. Create consistent committee involvement for chapter leaders support and member involvement.  Take each board position to its next level mark with the support of their President to make sure all goals are made by Board are not only completed, but exceeded.