Letter from your President

 2019 - Ready for takeoff! 

7:00 am, Saturday January 26, 2019

 Fellow members, 

            As I am flying high over our beautiful city, heading to San Antonio for the NACE Evolve Conference, I’m prouder than ever to be a New Orleanian! Looking out the window, I can see the sunrise over our cityscape, the Mississippi River spiraling through New Orleans, and the Superdome standing strong. A few reminders of the special culture that embodies the city of New Orleans. One of a kind. I feel the exact same way about our chapter of NACE New Orleans. We are also one of a kind! I’m so excited to take this journey with all of you and to help lead our chapter to new heights. I promise to graciously represent our chapter at the national level and give back to each and every one of you the way past Presidents have done for me. NACE NOLA – get ready, because we’re ready for takeoff!

           There are several goals over the next two years that I would like to accomplish for the chapter and will need your help. I’ll start by showcasing the 2019 goals below and encourage your input throughout the year as we evolve.

 Goal #1.  Increase membership - How?

 Be a brand ambassador for our chapter. Try to recruit one new member this year and receive a $50 credit deduction per person on your membership renewal. Win! We will also focus on recruiting student members. Our Immediate Past President, Michelle Dunnick, will be focusing her efforts on mentoring students and increasing their involvement. Students are our future!

 Goal #2.  Increase retention rates and committee involvement - How?

 Get involved and encourage others to do the same. You truly get out what you put in to any organization. Join a committee, attend meetings, and get to know your members! Request a one-on-one with a board member.

 Goal #3.  Expand local awards program to submit at the national level - How?

            Submit more awards per company. Our percentage rate of winning last year was in                   line with other chapters, but they submitted more awards. We got this!

 Goal #4.  Increase NOLA chapter attendees at the National Conference in July - How?

             Get a flight! It only makes sense to be present for you to get up on that stage and              receive your national award :)

 Goal #5.  Win the Chapter of the Year award at the National conference - How?

                Continue to be you and I’ll do the rest!

 Based on your involvement this past year, our growth in membership, and our increase in retention rates – we have a great opportunity to win the Chapter of the Year award at the National Conference! Hope you are all there to accept the Chapter win with us!