Executive Board


OFFICE(S) HELD: Treasurer (2017-present)

COMMITTEE INVOLVEMENT: Fundraising Decor Assistant Chair (2016)

This year has been about expanding my knowledge in our industry. With my knowledge of our industry, I also bring to the table a keen eye for finances. I look forward to being able to use these skills to assist our organization in continued growth.

My greatest strength is my financial accountability. I handle the finances for the Special Events Department at Audubon. When inaccuracies are discovered, I make sure they are corrected and that proactive steps are taken to prevent future issues. I use best practices to ensure funds are spent appropriately. Using lower cost alternatives when quality and efficiency are not affected adversely,

Area for improvement: My weakness is that I rarely say "no." I would rather stretch myself thin to make someone else's life easier. I will compensate by delegation and negotiation of daily tasks. As well, as educating others of ways to make their work simpler thus taking away my need to say "yes, I'll do that for you."

What three areas do you feel are the most important to address for the Chapter during your NACE tenure?  

  1. Membership: our industry is constantly changing and becoming younger. I would like to see our tenured members take new members under their wings. Also, reaching out to the local universities to make sure students are more aware of NACE and what we do as an organization.

  2. Education: I would like us to diversify the type of education we have each month. Most of what we discuss is based on what we as facilities or caterers do on a daily basis. I'd like to see more vendors reached out too, so that we can learn more about what they do as well as what we can do to make our clients events more successful.

  3. Volunteering Opportunities: Building a house helps a family. I would like us to do something that can benefit an entire community. Perhaps, a community garden that is tied to a school. We could help children learn how to care for a garden, grow vegetables and even have a local Chef show the children healthy recipes they can make from these items.

I would enjoy seeing our chapter reaching out to our partners that are not necessarily in the greater New Orleans/Northshore area. Bringing our presence to the Baton Rouge and Mississippi Gulf Coast area. Having a meeting or to in these areas has the potential to increase our membership. Our industry colleagues in these areas and those nearby would feel that we have a vested interest in them and not just the immediate New Orleans area. We are the only NACE chapter between Houston, TX and Jacksonville, FL. That leaves hundreds of miles of untapped resources and potential members. Colleagues who need an organization to embrace and provide continued education to them.