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Executive Board


OFFICE(S) HELD: Director of Marketing (2017-present) and Director of Programs (2015-2016)

COMMITTEE INVOLVEMENT: Fundraising Chair Advisor/Decor (2015), Fundraising Event Chair (2014), Fundraising Silent Auction Chair (2013)

I have been a dedicated NACE member since 2012 and have held the following leadership positions: Fundraiser Auction Chair (2013), Fundraiser Chair (2014), Director of Programs (2015 – 2016), Director of Marketing (2017 – 2018).  The experience from these positions prepared me to be a strong leader and asset to the chapter.

The greatest strength that I bring to NACE is my dedication. I am fully committed to making this chapter as successful as possible and I feel that I have had a positive impact on the chapter thus far and would like to continue doing so.

Area for improvement: I have always struggled with delegation, but have made huge improvements through my leadership roles with NACE. As Vice President I will gain more experience with delegation which will prepare me for the office of Vice President.

I feel that the three most important areas to address during my NACE tenure are to

  1. Increase membership with a focus on a more diverse organization.

  2. Expand the chapter awards program to include individual awards that can lead to national recognition for our members.

  3. Create a stronger board succession plan through committees.

My vision for the NACE chapter over the next two years is to continue increasing membership with a focus on creating a more diverse organization and engaging our current members by providing high quality education and strong committee participation.